Thursday, October 31, 2013

Illustration: Strawberry Cheesecake in her Halloween T-shirt.

This is  a colored pencil drawing done today for a Wet Canvas drawing event.
I like the line that defines the left side of her jacket, as you view her.  The red
in the bow and the red of the strawberries help to contain your eye in the picture.
Look carefully at the lack of lines on her face.  Youth is fresh and it is best
depicted with the minimum of lines.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Koi Gazing Ball Finished

This is the ball grouted and sealed..... finished.   I added deep blue acrylic
house paint to the grout to color it.  It was a little bit more difficult to clean the
ball with this mix.  Last time I used watercolors.  Here, it is not easy to get
colored grout and the only store I found it in had only 10 Kilo bags.  10 kilos
is a lot when it takes about a cup or so to cover the whole ball!  So I
experimented with the house paint.  Making these is always an adventure.
I love the way that these reflect the light and add life to the garden,.  This
one is sitting a rustic table in front of an Mexican woven wall hanging.