Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A No Pressure Pencil Exercise: Three Princesses


This drawing was done from a photo for a weekend
drawing event.  It is a pencil sketch, 81/2 X 11 inches. 
When really relaxed and using junk paper and pencil,
when there is absolutely no pressure to draw well,
you can be free and relaxed with your line.  You
can make lines filled with life and movement…
COMMITTED, BRAVE  lines drawn with ABANDON.
The secret is to do this when under pressure or tense
because you are using expensive materials.  The secret
to solving this is  to work around others and to use
and destroy some nice papers without sadness because
you have learned something.  Maybe not something
astonishing but something as simple as “ I need to vary
my line more.”  This simple understanding is really worth
much more than a sheet of paper.

I have included  two close-ups for you to see  my line.
It was done on junk paper with mechanical pencil… a NO
pressure exercise.


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