Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drawing: The way We Were

This is from a photo presented on Wetcanvas for a weekend drawing 
event. It is not for sale due to the requirements placed on this photo.  
But, having just gone to the Crocker Museum in Sacramento California 
to see an exhibit of the work of Norman Rockwell, this photo from the 
1930's was just what I wanted to draw.  It was drawn in graphite pencil 
and terra cotta prismacolor pencil.  I wanted the background to give an 
Art Deco feeling so, I added the concentric lines.  Then to push the back
-ground back I used a diagonal line to darken it.  I have always had an 
interest in American Illustration from the early 20th century, the age 
before the CAMERA replaced the artist in commercial art. If you 
have time, take look at the work of Norman Rockwell.  In order to 
compose his paintings he worked directly from models.  Then later,  
he took photographs of the posed models (due to time constraints) 
and he worked from these.  It is very interesting to see the photos 
he worked from and the final paintings that he produced.

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