Sunday, September 29, 2013

Koi Gazing Ball In Progress

This is the drawing of the koi on the ball's surface.  Working on a round surface
is quite different than working on a flat surface.  The curvature of the surface can
become incorporated into the design as in the picture above where the koi
appear to be swimming over the surface of the ball.  I like doing this rather than
working small and making the objects appear pasted to the ball. 
The next step is painting the surface of the ball with acrylic paint.  The fish are
quite simplified because the glass applied over the image will knock out much of
the detail.  It divides the image into smaller planes and reflects lots of light.
The glass is being glued on with silicon glue.  It is white, initially, and then
dries clear.  The glass is tempered glass from old car windows.  The colors
vary by car maker but are never completely clear.  They are grayed blue,
or greyed blue green, which in turn effects the colors of the underlying images.

The ball is completely covered with glass.  It took about four days to cover
entirely.  The ball is now quite dull since the top of the glass becomes
covered with a film of glue from sticky fingers.  This will be rubbed off by
the next step.....applying sanded grout to fill the spaces between the pieces of
glass.  It will take another three days to gout and then to apply two coats of
grout sealer one day apart.  I will post the finished product when it is done.




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