Saturday, October 8, 2011

About Balance Freedom and Control: The Rooster

Painting time:  two hours and ten minutes    15 X 20 cm Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

I have not painted with my acrylic since the heat began.  I have missed it.  Colored pencil is a medium that gives you complete control of the details.  I love this. What happens though, is that after a time I long to feel the brush stroke, to put down large areas of color rapidly and to get back to the spontaneity that is innate to the brush.  This process is freeing.  I love it...I loose myself in it.  But, I know that soon I will be called back to the magic of the pencil.  Ah the control!  Two extremes....both amazing.  I find that I need them both to keep my  balance.  One helps me with the other.  Just like in life, it would be easy to loose your balance.

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