Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Part II Orchid Triptych: Cymbidium Finished

This is a tentative finish as the central picture is not done.  Once it is done, I can readjust all three paintings to work together.  The cymbidium has petals that are thick and waxy, with a light edge.  The light edge made it more difficult to integrate the flower into it's blue, green background.  The idea is to work the background colors into the flower.  I used sky blue light and a touch of indigo to do this, blurring the edge in places between flower and background. This of course helps to decrease the pasted on look. 

Perseverance...to persist in a task despite obstacles.  This was a lesson in perseverance.  I really didn't like the initial drawing and that feeling persisted throughout the painting.  Do I like It ?   I think that question will be answered in a year or two when I can separate myself from the work.  Was I glad I completed it?  Definitely YES.  If I hadn't finished... it would have been an empty experience, but it was instead filled with challenges, risen to and solved. This speaks of the journey, not always easy, but always interesting.

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